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Position: General Catering Manager


NOSH Durham is looking to hire a qualified individual to manage the daily needs of our restaurant businesses Catering and Special Events arm. This person should possess the following characteristics/qualifications:

-Awesome with Verbal and Written Communication Skills. Candidate should be comfortable conversing with potential clients via phone, email and possibly even text message.

-Natural Sales Person. Believes in our restaurant and is happy to share with others how best we can serve their catering/events needs through yummy food and friendly service.

-Great with People and Client Relations. Deals well with describing services to potential clients and understands how to deal with people in a fast-paced environment. Job may occasionally encounter people that are less than pleased with services/performance. A good candidate will know how to deal with these situations and make the outcome a positive experience for the customer.

-Organization is your Jam! The right candidate should be able to multi-task projects and organize/manage various jobs. Arrange pick-up and drop-off times and oversee/coordinate with clients schedule, coordinate with restaurants to make sure staff is aware of schedule and catered events. Create systems that help with the overall flow of projects. 

-Punctuality is a PLUS+. Being ON TIME is extremely important. The right candidate will recognize the importance of delivering on schedule and overseeing that on-site staff are punctual with preparation and service. 

-Flexibility in Schedule. There will be weekend and night events that will need to be attended. Schedule will vary weekly.

-Capable of Delivery/Set-Up. Candidate needs to have a clean driving record and possess a State of North Carolina Drivers Permit. Qualified candidate will often be loading and/or unloading food items weighing up to 15 pounds. 

-Eye for Detail. Once On-Site, the qualified candidate may be involved with set-up of events. An eye for details and the overall presentation of our food items and utensils is important as it is a reflection of our brand.